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Writin again

Yes i am writing again :D and for now in english!

and it's all about women and Men!

Millions of girls one of them is my Julia and i wanna be romeo...the problem?I don't know which one it is!Sometimes i wish i could cuddle and huggle a girl like John lennon and Yoko Onoon that one coverFrom the moment i firsted loved a girl there was my impulse to find the one

Sometimes when i see some girls i think...well those ar really bad clothes..when the skirt would be shorter she must wear more make up .. powder on her ass and lipsitck on her other lips jesus christ (not that i believe in him,it's just a saying).where has it gone with this world?!

Am i Sourounded by prostitues?! Where have the times gone where Girls looked cute?!I think when i look at a woman and i should fall in love with her, it mustbe like when i was a kid ,when i get my christmas persent. That look in theeyes, that's the look when i fall in love!And well i can understand when other guys can't speak with good looking girls , women have the power to let you look like a dork!You can't find the right words.

It's like animals... when two animals look each other in the eyes it's like a fight, when man and woman do thatthe woman has some goodies in that fight,the man not and the goodies are called Breasts.You have to brng all your willpower together to not look at them.and well if the man loses ,all women know that they have,the power to makeMen do what they want.I don't know why women have such a joy to win against men.All the life we are emasculated. Really! When i was five my MOM showed me who is the boss, not my Dad. but i never felt so manly like that day the wooden spoon broke on my granite-hard ass :D My Ass was redeemed!

I ask myself why the girls have all the sexual weapons! Well let's give it a try, the breats for example, there is the bosom, areola and the nipples, three concentric circles. It's like a target , no wonder that the breast is the aim of every man!Men are grotesque , not that we are the ones that clean ears wit our fingers, we are ridicoulos from the start!Look at the Penis , it looks like somebody puit some skin from the elbows to the lumbar.The penis is the first that shrink when it's cold,the first one that moves the tail when danger comes, He is the faint hearted pedant of elbowskin.

Well to come back where i started... if you don't look good you're automatically of the side of the losers, i once knew a girl, all people hated her cos she wasn't the best looking, but i felt sorry for her,i know that feeling of being ugly. The others look at you as if you have AIDS, they didn't come near cos they don't want to be infected.It's Cruel!Well but i know that women are not the one's that lead the most of the time, why is promiscuity cool for men and girls are sluts then?! Why history and not herstory? It's always okay when an older man gets along with a younger woman , but it's not okay when an older womangets along with a younger man? well opposites.. i hate such things.

Well we are all dumb, i'll admit it. Boys are all we measure our penises?!Come on, it's like that everyone has done it, and me too! Well my life is like a fiasko in the bay of pigs.Hey we have all our problems, i had a girlfriend back in the day, shewas nerdy , clean , looked not the best, she was mostly like my motherand such girls are the ones that you take home to introduce them toyour mother.. and then they become your mother,she puts you on clothes, she makes dinner ,she says what you have to do and how. She made me feelscared cos i know she had my completely will. She was perfect in all that she did, and i hate perfect people.okay Men have these anti-emotional shield with them, and it about sarcasm, humor and aversion, we are damned. and whdo we do it?

!Maybe cos we can fall in love with girls everyday?!Maybe it'sthe normal protection for himself?! anyway!Women know that Men will do everything for them until they look good,i think that's why women put make up on that this shit , they fear tolose their acctraction to guys when they don't do it.But i thinks it a curse for some girls to look good, i mean they have no challange in life, no aim. And when they made something themselves most people think they did it cos they look good. It's disturbing.But well when i see those girls i know they are out of my League,i don'talk to them cos i don't wanna no that i have no chance ,to date her or more.

That's why i can't fall in love with girls like they are.Well maybe other guys don't think like that.But i know there is the inner beauty of girls even if theydon't look that good on the outside. Most Guys are afraid of seeingnot good looking girls inner beauty, they fear to be infected!Not nice!

But i have a question.. why have the guys to go slow for girls?Why doesn't the girls go faster?!


Women can make guys horny everywhere, anytime! And Men?No we can' we must find the girls point, to make her horny, it's's like a needle in a haystack.well there are no fixed things about boys and girls, we are likekickerdolls. We have an iron rod in the middle and we are turning in a circle.Well i've been cursed,i've been born ugly and intelligent.Everyone around me will be falling in love , make love, marry andraise kids. The coolest thing that can happen to me is that somebodyinvites me on a x-mas dinner, cos they had a bad Conscience when they don't.When i have luck my women will be really fat or she will have a harelip.i will ask her for a coffee, we are doing like we are in love, and we sayyes to marrying, cos we are afraid of dying lonely.

now well

i come back to the point.Men are always for sex, It's like injecting marmalade into a sweet donut.You can test it. and women do it always.Women rule the world, but the irony is they don't sit in positions tohave the powerto change something, they do their work like guerilla soldiers.Men are scared when women work cos they know somewhere beyond space and time women will take the leadership of this world.

My Role model was my father, my fahter is quiet and so am i. i think that'swhy i can't talk to girls i think i can fall in love with. How was i supossed to be talker?! In the past Daddies gone out to hunting with their sons.and Today? well kind of a problem!And when i don't know how to be a man, how am i supossed to understand women?!

Well i love women, i love their jewelholes called eyes, i love their mouth,their smile their yawning, how they eat.Their skin is so soft like it is cashmere.i even like the gleans under their armpits.The belly of a women makes me crazy, not only cos it's one of the things you can seenaked without problems, no the belly shows us the pleasures beneath.You are such close, but even far.All of a women let's you think about sex .

I had a female teacher, she was a feminist. i had a time when i said one thing to hercos she hated me. I said: " It disturbs me that you think that men are always the evil,isn't the world there to have questions?! One of the problems is the feminism, thereare to much -isms in this world capitalism, communism, sexism, all these group, and especiallyyou are fighting against each other, instead of have undestanding for each other.The only -ism that should be is the Humanism." That was the second time i felt like a men inmy life cos i deconstructed her opinion in every possible way. Even tough she hated me morethen before , i got my A on the grade!She was sitting their and hearing the bombs falling onher propaganda machinery of feminism.

Well that's it. I think i've explained much that i thought of!if you have any questions feel free to comment!

18.12.10 19:38


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